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Rates, China, Crypto, and Math

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Ira Jersey, Chief Rates Strategist for Bloomberg Intelligence, discusses interest rates and the Fed. Hans Dau, CEO of Mitchell Madison Group, joins the show to discuss protests in China and the political implications of Xi Jinping’s COVID policy. Lee Klaskow, Senior Logistics Analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence, discusses the potential rail strike in the US and how supply chains could be affected by COVID protests in China. Bloomberg News political director Jodi Schneider Wilkins also joins to discuss the Biden administration’s perspective on both issues. Bloomberg Intelligence Analyst Rob Schiffman talks about Amazon’s five-part bond sale. Vivek Ramaswamy, co-founder and executive chairman at Strive Asset Management, joins the show to discuss outlook for the crypto industry and what’s next for FTX. Angela Williams, CEO at Common Denominator, joins the show to talk about education, Common Denominator, and the environment for non-profits amid varying economic headwinds entering the holiday season. Marianne Scordel with Bougeville Consulting joins Angela in-studio to talk about the role finance and Wall Street is playing in this charity and creating better education and career pipelines for Wall Street and other finance professionals. Hosted by Paul Sweeney and Matt Miller.

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