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  • Platform for complex recurring purchases
  • Baseline driven architecture with single-click analytics
  • Competitive cost models enable relationship pricing
  • Solves the unpriced tail problem
  • Category content built into the platform
  • Massive productivity boost for sourcing professionals


Our patent pending technology enables cost model driven sourcing that eliminates the unpriced tail problem resulting from the traditional 80/20 catalog approach. Our data structures are driven off of actual baselines connected to cost model bids via category specific cost model algorithms, enabling instant savings analysis on the entire baseline as well as any future specifications.

Our Technology generates

2x savings vs Conventional Solutions

Our Story

Our Story

We are making 30 years of Strategic Sourcing consulting experience available on the Agile Sourcing platform. The Mitchell Madison Group served the world's leading corporations, investors and public institutions in strategic sourcing, generating billions of value. Traditional sourcing software does not solve buyers' problems, or we and many other consulting firms would not exist. Therefore we had to create our own platform to support our unique analytical sourcing process and we are making it available to the general public.

Our Team

Hans Dau


Hans is the CEO of MMG Software, Inc. He is a widely quoted expert on procurement, sourcing and supply chain issues and the author of the book "Strategic Sourcing Theory and Practice". He and Philip Gillespie are the co-inventors described in the patent "System and Method for Price Discovery and Price Improvement Amid Combinatorial Specifications". Hans has an MBA from Dartmouth and a degree in economics from University Mannheim, Germany.

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Philip Gillespie

Client Delivery

Phil is responsible for client delivery success. A veteran sourcing and procurement consultant, Phil has the depth of knowledge to attack the most complex client challenges to deliver superior value. Phil's previous experience running the global source-to-pay technology infrastructure for JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. and he is the co-author of the patent "System and Method for Price Discovery and Price Improvement Amid Combinatorial Specifications". He has an MBA from Dartmouth and an undergraduate degree in computer science from Duke University.

Sammy002 Large_edited.jpg

Sammy Montecastro

Content and Consulting Services

Sammy runs MMG Manila, an independent company, and is responsible for maintaining the extensive content library of category sourcing templates from the Mitchell Madison Group and the consulting services support surrounding the Agile Sourcing app. He studied for his MBA at the Asian Insitute of Management, Manila and was an MBA exchange student at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Walton Pic.jpg

Walton Tan

Product Management

Walton is responsible for Product Management and has been leading the design of the Agile Sourcing app. He also manages the extensive category content library on the platform. He has been a senior consultant at MMG Manila, an independent company, for 7 years and has a BS degree in Management Engineering from Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines.



The existing eRFP sourcing platforms can only handle catalog type, episodic purchases and generally cannot tell you how much you've saved because there is no connection to a baseline. Agile Sourcing app is designed for recurring purchases of arbitrary complexity and comes with easy-to-modify templates that cover the entire taxonomy of pricing approaches.

Users start by defining and assembling a baseline with transactions containing specifications, quantities and prices that represent the current purchasing performance well. This may be actual historical data or projections.

Baseline Configuration MAC v2.png
Bid Sheet MAC v2.png

The user next chooses a number of high volume items that he would like to bid out specifically, i.e. as price per item.

Next, the user selects the specification variables from the baseline that are relevant to the cost model, i.e. that matter for price. The variables are displayed in a familiar spreadsheet interface that is then used to build the cost model using standard spreadsheet formulas and commands. In most cases, there will be a template the user may choose to modify, rather than building cost models from scratch.

Formula Builder MAC v2.png
MyRFP Results MAC front v2.png

The system creates the RFP based on the cost-relevant variables and bidders bid on both specific high volume items and the cost model parameters.

As soon as bidders click submit, extensive analysis is performed, providing sophisticated charts and tables and scenario analysis that inform and support strategic sourcing decision making.

The analysis module is based on the Mitchell Madison Group's decades of client work and is fully customizable and extensible.

Armed with Agile Sourcing app, sourcing professionals can now run highly complex events that typically would be consultant-supported at a much lower cost and much faster


We have productized the category sourcing experience of the Mitchell Madison Group spanning decades, with thousands of projects and hundreds of sourcing categories. Our category library content is centered around the economics of the supplier industry and the optimal pricing approach.

Template Library
Template Components

Direct Categories (partial list)

  • Telecommunications

    • Network access

    • Network transport

    • Network installations

    • Access Devices

    • Cable and fiber

    • Optical

    • Gateways

    • IT Outsourcing

    • Switching

    • Network Support

  • Services

    • Home installations

    • BPO

    • Food & Catering

    • Aircraft Maintenance

    • Field Services

  • Manufacturing

    • PVC Pipes

    • Hardware

    • Metals

    • Steel

    • Aluminum

    • Engine Components

    • Contract Manufacturing

    • Paper

    • Chemicals

      • Paints, Inks, & Additives

      • Plastic Resins

      • Coatings

    • Plastic & Vinyl Extrusions

  • Construction

    • Fasteners

    • Metal Building

    • Weatherproofing

    • EMS services

Indirect Categories (partial list)

  • IT

    • Peripherals

    • Hardware

    • Software

    • Servers

    • Mobile Phones

    • Call Center

  • Facilities

    • Office Supplies

    • Cleaning Services

    • Utilities

    • Rent

    • Security

  • Marketing

    • Ad agency

    • Printed Materials

    • Media

  • Insurance

  • Training

  • T&E

    • Air

    • Hotel

    • Car

  • Shipping

    • Ocean

    • Truckload

    • Small Package Freight

  • Professional Services

    • Legal

    • Consulting

    • Engineering

    • Audit

  • Contingent Labor

    • Industrial

    • Clerical

    • Creative

  • Packaging

  • MRO

Analysis & Calculations
Cost Model
Cost Model.jpg

For each category, we provide the baseline format, cost models, RFP bid sheets, the cost models and pre-canned analytics while customers upload their actual baselines, specs, instructions and T&Cs.

We provide several levels of support here. Users can create their own content from scratch, they can choose one of our ten generic pricing methods from the taxonomy or work with our consulting group for running more complex RFPs events.



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